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The set is old in folk medicate, typically as AN herbal tea, simply may live old As an alcoholic beverage extract or In dietary supplements. It has non seen general use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), organism adoptive only if in the yesteryear 20 age, because information technology grows far from exchange China where TCM evolved; therefore sela herbal tea, it was non enclosed In the monetary standard pharmacopoeia of the TCM system of rules. Before then, IT was vitamin A topically -known herb old primarily in mountainous regions of southern China and in Northern Vietnam. It is described by the local anaesthetic inhabitants as the "immortality herb", because antiophthalmic factor big number of aged people within Guizhou Province according overwhelming the plant on a regular basis. In the European Union, jiaogulan is considered axerophthol novel food chase a 2012 court opinion that out its sale As food.

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